Flavia Pitis and Radu Belcin

Exhibition: 13.01. - 20.02.2018

Opening: 13.01.2018 // 6 - 9pm

The Rumanian artist-duo Flavia Pitis and Radu Belcin is exhibiting together at Gallery Martin Mertens for the second time.

The two painters live and work together and, while each of them has developed their own personal artistic language,  their practices are deeply intertwined. They are engaging with similar subject matters and a description of fundamental thought behind the works can be applied to their works equally.

Based on and inspired by the research of American scientist and author Joseph Campell, Pitis and Belcin are interested in the influence of mythology on modern society.

“The universal stories say something essential about our most profound human characteristics and their lessons transcend time, though their language, images and symbols are constantly updated with the evolution of humankind. 

As Joseph Campbell notices, there once was a reminiscent time when people were united through common beliefs and driven by aspirations and fear.  They came together sharing the same myths and religions and were even capable of glorious achievements despite their modest possibilities. The individual could find comfort and support in a community based on the same understanding of the meaning of life and the world. This changed tremendously with time and members of our modern society are now torn by the effects of a never ending flow of stories, impressions and influences. As a result they are forced to build own paths to achieve significance and to create their very own mythology.  This system is a more solitary one, the modern hero/heroine is in the end everyone who succeeds in his/her personal journey.

The paintings in the exhibition describe an environment in which this contemporary hero/heroine can find self-expression and is able to suggest a personal vision of the world, as an individual but also connected to all mankind in an universal sense.” (Flavia Pitis/Radu Belcin)