body dialogue

Robert Bosisio / Gregor Gaida

body dialogue

April 23 - May 29, 2019

Tuesday, April 23, 6 -9 pm

special hours for Berlin Gallery Weekend
Friday 26.4. + Saturday 27.4. 11am - 9pm
Sunday 28.4. 11am - 7pm

We previously exhibited the works of the South Tyrolean painter Robert Bosisio (* 1963) with the work of another artist in 2015. Back then his works were in dialogue with the expressive figures found in Romanian Radu Belcin’s paintings and today his works are in dialogue with the wooden figures of sculptor Gregor Gaida (* 1975), whose work we are showing for the first time in the gallery.

A prominent object in the room is the sculpture Apheirophobia (the fear of infinity) – a work that does not reveal its secret at first glance. Only once observing it from all angles, does one discover that a muscular male back is mirrored exactly three times. The work resides between human body and abstraction. The human body is permeated by geometric elements. The organic and the geometric, nature and culture coalesce, allowing an independent object to emerge.

We are also exhibiting the two-part work, Outliners which certainly belongs to the most impressive and individualistic of Gaida’s sculptures. The two boys (absolutely identical figures positioned differently in the room), captivate above all through their arrangement in the room and through their naturalism. They inevitably connect with the space around them, as well as with the other sculptures or images in the room. The artist’s work is astoundingly autonomous and in turn creates a drawing through the room on its own accord, whereby the figures divide the entire exhibition space.

In a catalogue text, Dr. Ari Hartog rightfully points out that Gaida essentially treats his sculptures like a painter does a canvas or a photographer a photographic image. He does this by radically cropping the motif, as well as fragmenting and altering the human torso for it to become the raw material used to create a wholly autonomous object that is subject to its own rules or rather the artistic will of the artist.

This approach is quite similar to the work of Robert Bosisio, whose paintings are often based on photographs, yet emancipate themselves almost completely and fade into the background during the painting process. This allows room for the canvas, the structure and the incredibly subtle colour of the paintings. Bosisio creates his paintings over very long periods of time by applying new layers of paint (up to 20), scraping or washing off parts, and interweaving materials such as pure pigment, sand, ashes and various painting mediums. A person’s navel can thereby become the image-filling depiction. Common to all images is the vacillation between the objective motif and the disappearance thereof in favour of the surface structure and the colour composition in the image.

The result is a highly complex image, in which the portrayed or body parts appear far-removed and blurred as if behind a veil. They become depersonalized and develop something archetypical.

In this exhibition, the physical, three-dimensional force of Gaida’s sculptures contrasts the very subtle works of Bosisio, which require a more meditative approach.

Vernissage:    Tuesday, 23. 04.2019, 6 – 9 pm
Exhibition:         23.04. – 29.05.2019

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