Radu Belcin & Robert Bosisio

Radu Belcin & Robert Bosisio

12.09.2015 - 24.10.2015

Opening: 12.09.2015, 06 - 09 pm

this exhibit compares the work of two artists, who at first glance seem to have little in common.

The works of the Romanian painter Radu Belcin (*1978) are very active and declamatory. Those of the Italian Robert Bosisio (*1963) are withdrawn and contemplative. But for both painters the human figure and especially portraiture have for years been core subjects.
More to the point, both painters examine the vanishing or evaporating of the figure and the depersonalization of the portrayed. In Belcin’s work the figures appear to dissolve in a surreal manner or are hidden behind dense brush strokes. In Bosisio’s work they disappear behind a veil or evaporate pointallistically in thousands of colored dots.

Accordingly, the viewer’s stance is altered. The extremely fine works of Bosisio demand a large amount of calmness and exact observation from the viewer — so that the viewer can be open to the calm and strength which the paintings radiate. The painted figure seems so elusive, that one almost fears it could dissolve completely and vanish into its color space. Just as one reaches a contemplative state of reception one is almost inevitably forced to stop and reconsider.

On the other hand, one’s stance vis à vis a picture of Radu Belcin’s is a completely different. One can hardly escape his paintings and one must be able to withstand their force and overcome initial emotional reactions like horror or shock. Belcin’s pictures can unsettle and confuse. Associations with Hannibal Lector, sadomasochistic practices or even torture are awakened. For some viewers these emotions are too intense. One should, however, be open to these many associations and subconscious reactions and take in the psychological complexity of these paintings.

Presented here is a dynamic dialogue between two contrasting positions on the subject of figure painting and portraiture.

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