FRTZN on paper – me so small

Peer Kriesel


The central medium in Kriesel’s work is drawing. However, he also deals with sculptures and objects. One of the groups of works includes drawings/overpaintings on historical papers, such as land and sea maps and postcards, which in the past had certain functions and in some cases a high value for users. It is about the change in the appreciation and valuation of printed papers as communication and information media. While nautical charts were decidedly important into the 19th and 20th centuries, they have lost their function in the age of GPS and Google. By painting over them, Kriesel gives them new life and value in a different context. He populates them with an unfathomable universe of grimaces, mythical creatures and figures. His work is shaped by the age of digitalization. It is about values, the acceleration of communication, the change of perception and the inflationary consumption of art and media.