I think / Die Entstehung der Klebewesen

Simone Lucas


Simone Lucas dedicates her paintings to a new representationalism – in a departure from the temporarily prevailing mainstream of abstraction in postmodern painting. She combines expressionist and surrealist elements, some of which appear abstract, which come together in her own mode of expression to form an “astonishing” New Realism, in which the artist takes up motifs from science, religion and mysticism. A recurring, central theme is the interpretation and significance of women in modern society, the role (mis)understanding of the sexes, and the search for a sincere attitude in this conflict, which is artistically turned inside out. This confrontation, however, does not take place with a “raised forefinger”, but in a (self-)ironic, deliberately exaggerated way – and thereby subversively questions the classical positions of a traditional feminism, which seems to resemble more and more a conservative dogma and to reject a substantial further development.


Catalogue: 15€