Viel Licht – Viel Schatten

Antje Blumenstein


Since 2014, Antje Blumenstein has been concentrating on the three parameters of the representability of space: line, form and colour. With linear objects made of neon, plastic and aluminium rods, in more recent works she goes back out of the image into the actual space and expands them into installations. In the process, the aspects of light and shadow play an increasingly important role. Her three-dimensional works, the aluminium foldings as well as the neon objects, have so far been created without a fixed, mathematical system. The working process always begins with paper models, experimental foldings of small rods – and is thus a creative process of chance. In Wiepersdorf, Antje Blumenstein wants to develop a system that circumvents the limitations imposed by habits of seeing and thinking. Such a mathematical system, based on three-dimensional parameters, will expand one’s spatial imagination. Formally, a construction is to be developed that makes it possible to stabilise the neon glass objects, which are very fragile in their materiality, by means of a metal system so that they can stand freely in space. The construction itself is to become part of the work without merely duplicating the lines of the neon rods.


Catalogue: 15€