Ralf Peters / Tessa Verder

Temperature of Time

October 20 - December 08, 2018
Tue. - Sat. 12 - 6 pm and by appointment

Saturday, October 20, 6 - 9 pm

In this two-person show, we are exhibiting works by photographic artists, Tessa Verder and Ralf Peters. The common denominator is nature as a motif, which is both familiar yet unusual.

Both artists relate to the art of German Romanticism. The serenity and remoteness found in both artists’ work seems ambivalent to a present day shaped by speed and connectivity. The motifs of both artists create a haven of peace in the midst of the flood of images that surround us in everyday life and online on a daily basis.

One can almost feel the reference to German Romanticism first hand, yet still the photos seem strangely unreal. In dealing with German Romanticism, both artists address questions concerning homeland and identity – two notions that have gained relevance today and trigger controversial discussions.

In Verder’s work, photos taken all around the world (i.e. Iceland, South America, Africa or Asia) are interwoven with elements resembling the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich and other Romantics. This interweaving creates something new, something that appears well-known, yet simultaneously outlandish.

Ralf Peters’ nocturnal and illuminated trees are reminiscent of the mighty trees that were important to artist’s such as Caspar David Friedrich. A solitary tree becomes the protagonist on its nocturnal stage. The trees in Peters’ works are dramatically stage by means of an exceptionally strong flashlight at an angle of up to 180 degrees and a long exposure time. Through this, the trees gain volume and are portrayed differently than with the use of an ordinary flash. The branches look like a drawing. The whole photo achieves painterly qualities and the individual character of every tree steps into the foreground.