Flavia Pitis

Essential Beings

Exhibition: November 09. - December 21, 2019

Opening on Saturday, November 09, 2019, 6pm-9pm


“Essential Beings” is an attempt of offering a glimpse of a living matter that houses a spiritual self in a perpetual metamorphosis of identity.

The tissue of the seemingly porcelain substance is in continuous transformation according to the inner struggle of these doubt-tormented spirits. The characters are caught in the middle of this effort to transcend the limitation of the apparently rigid matter, where human and animal nature meet half way in this stunning atmosphere.  They are heroes that seem to step into the light revealing their drive to evolve.

The materiality of painted porcelain, hair, flesh, the light and shadows are coming to give consistency and credibility to the scenario, to validate the reality of their experience.

Essential beings are actually the spirits that take the most important steps for all of us in overcoming the human condition and expanding the boundaries of this reality.