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Bettina Krieg 

Opening: 27.11.2021

During the Lockdown Phases 2020 Bettina Krieg made a series of small ink drawings, which she called Lockdown Diary Series. During the long period of isolation in the studio, she was extremely productive and made a small drawing every day. This has also resulted in a very nice catalog. In addition, she has published a comprehensive catalog of her work, and this year has developed a whole new body of work of large drawings in which she uses multiple colors within one work, something she has never done before. The colors she used in earlier works only monochrome on one sheet, she now puts next to each other whereby in the overall effect an own colorfulness arises.

The condensed drawings seem to move visually and are thus reminiscent of works of Op Art of the 60s. For some drawings, this movement is now actually set in motion in a virtual animation (augmented reality AR versions).

Love, Ink on Paper, 200 x 150 cm, 2021


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