Bechmann, Thorbjørn

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Thorbjørn Bechmann studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Arts. In addition to his work as an artist, he also has an extensive curatorial practice. Bechmann has exhibited worldwide and is represented in both public and private collections, including the Danish Arts Foundation, which is Denmark's largest and most important art foundation. One of his recent exhibitions “Constant Negotiation” was recognized with a prize by the Danish Arts Foundation for its radical exploration of gesture-based painting. Thorbjørn Bechmann's work deals with the tension between chance and control. His works arises from the interplay between freely moving colour that makes its way across the canvas and the artist's intuitive interventions. Bechmann creates soft gradients that seem like delicate veils of colour. The process of layering many colours creates surfaces rich in tension. The large-format works have an impressive luminosity and are reminiscent of shimmering and atmospheric light plays.