Grenci, Domenico

Are you interested in the artworks from this artist?

The strange timelessness and the aspect of the portrait only delicately and quickly sketched are an essential feature of his paintings. At the same time, all his portraits of women / girls radiate great power. They all seem to be at rest within themselves, standing outside an acute emotion. They do not assume any particular pose, do not present themselves, but are simply themselves. They seem to be above things and above time, and that gives them this wonderful radiance.

In his flower paintings, Grenci also explores, as it were, the transition from day to night, from light to dark, from life to death. Thus both groups of works (portraits and flowers) also take on a bit of the character of vanitas symbols, reminding us inexorably that even the greatest beauty and blossoming life inevitably disappear into nothingness. The fact that almost all his paintings are also painted with the hostile, viscous bitumen reinforces this idea.