Katrin Bremermann / Riki Mijling

Katrin Bremermann / Riki Mijling

Katrin Bremermann (1965, Bremen) says of herself that she sees herself as a “painting sculptor” and in recent years she has consistently added wall objects and free-standing sculptures to her work. The center of her work, however, remains the use of bold primary colors in her lacquer paintings, in which she has developed her own unique language of non-representational forms.

Like Bremermann, the Dutch sculptor Riki Mijling (1954, Nijmegen, Netherlands) is part of a rich tradition of non-representational, post-minimalist art.

The genealogy of twentieth century art shows a strong lineage of abstract geometry with pioneers such as Kasimir Malevitjs, Vladimir Tatlin, Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg.

In the United States, artists such as Carl Andre, Donald Judd and Robert Morris came onto the scene, triggering a landslide with their minimalist approaches, a radical simplification of forms and the dissolution of “meaning” in the traditional sense.

In the Netherlands, too, artists were looking for new forms of expression, for a formal and linguistic reduction that was no longer associated with the depiction and telling of stories. With her sculptures – and also with her works on paper – Mijling draws on this rich tradition of essentialism and develops a characteristic and unique visual language.

The combination of bold colors in Bremermann’s work and strictly reduced form and color in Mijling’s geometric works promises a very exciting dialogue.


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