Bosisio, Robert

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There is hardly another way to approach Bosisio’s paintings than quietly and contemplatively. From a distance, a seemingly abstract composition often comes together to form a face or a figure. If one attempts to approach it again, the pictorial objects often completely dissolve and the view is directed to the surface of the image. The viewer steps back a step, or perhaps even tries to find the furthest point in the room, because from there the depiction is completely different. Whereas when drawn in closely, one can see how countless layers that have formed the painting’s exceptionally complex surface, as well as the surprising use of materials. Bosisio’s layers of paint are supplemented by ash, sand, a wax layer, a plaster relief or a fine nylon stocking pulled over the canvas. Bosisio explores the frontier of complete abstraction, leaving it up to the viewer to decide whether to concentrate on recognizing a concrete figure or on exploring the surface structures and color tones.