Ueno, Tomoyuki

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Ueno's work is extremely complex. In recent years, however, it seems to have been increasingly influenced by nature. Especially during his stay in the Japanese mountains during the 2020 pandemic, Ueno became very aware of the themes of nature, life and death. This preoccupation with nature is dominated by a Buddhist worldview rather than a Christian one, because it is about the intertwining of life and death, passing and rebirth. This becomes particularly clear in a central group of works that he has developed in recent years, the Wave and Sky Sculptures. In this series of works, he combines structures in marble slabs with forms and structures he finds in cloud formations or water surfaces. He combines a natural structure that has existed unchanged for millions of years (but is only made visible through human processing of the stone) with a structure that exists only for milliseconds in clouds or water - captured through the highly technical process of photography.